• Berkshire

    Hand-crafted Original Artwork

    by Ken Packie

    Artist's Statement

    As a sculptor residing in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, I use chainsaws, chisels, and fire to free my creations from their log. I am surrounded by inspiration that starts at home and is fueled by the richness of the Berkshires Hills.  Whether in the forest or on the water, I strive to absorb the beauty that surrounds me. Nature inspires me to imagine the sculptures I wish to create. Ideas are  everywhere when you slow down to look, listen, and feel...... This can be difficult for some, but possible for all. As a three-dimensional story teller, I strive to capture the fine details as well as the interactive dynamics within my sculptures.

    Fire Sculptures

    Metal Sculpture Coming Soon!

    Sawdust: The Art of Ken Packie

    Watch this short film of Ken's creative process. In this film Ken talks about his art and his transformation from a high speed data engineer to a full-time wood sculptor. A chainsaw, chisel and fire are all that Ken needs to create compelling art. This short film follows the creation of a sculpture from an 8 foot 2,500 pound white pine log into a peaceful 2,000 pound black bear with a waking cub. In Ken's words: I've taken something that was alive, and given it a second life -- in a new form.

    Accolades & Articles

    Horse and Rider

    Winner- Husky Cup Championship

    Ken Packie and Team USA created The Knight out of a 25-foot German oak at the 9th Annual Husky Cup World Sculpting Championship in Mulda, Germany.  The Knight is fully clad in chain mail and armor, poised to charge his powerful horse into battle.  Teams from Europe, Ecuador and the US created wood sculptures based on the best-selling historical novel series by author Sabine Ebert. Each team's mission during the five-day competition was to sculpt a life-sized horse and rider depicting twelfth century characters from the novels. 

    Interview with Living on Earth

    Click  here  to connect to Producer Laurie Sanders' interview with Ken in a segment titled "A Man and His Chainsaw" for the nationally-syndicated radio program Living on Earth.

    Boston.com Story

    Click  here  for the article Ned Oliver of the Berkshire Eagle wrote highlighting the career Ken has carved-out in Otis. In it Ken describes the path that brought him to chainsaw sculpture as well as the 2012 gallery show he had with John Stanmeyer, the award-winning photographer with National Geographic. 

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